Gilmore Girls-Jess and Rory

Jess and Rory I don’t know why there is so much hate on the couple, Jess and Rory. How can people not see how perfect they are? It’s not just their love for books that’s so great about them, they are so compatible! They understand each other. There is nothing wrong with them!! Dean was way too much of a complainer, though I do like him sometimes. Logan makes Rory happy, I get that, but he also made her really sad. More sad than any of her other boyfriends!!I mean he cheated on her and made her suffer at the beginning of the relationship! And when Rory told him that she loved him, he said “I told a lot of girls that I loved them when I really didn’t. I don’t want to do that to you.” That is so mean! Jess always wanted to be with Rory! Always! He waited for her and waited and waited, and then he just disappears! But they were the perfect couple. I wish they ended up together!


Refugees of Syria

This photo is of a pack of refugees who are trying to get past the barbed fence to get away from the war in Syria. The fence is on the border of Turkey and the man is trying to save his child by sacrificing himself and passing him through the fence to the other refugees. This photo shows the depth and the severity of the war in Syria. As you can see the photo is full of despair and is not a posed photograph. The message of this picture is trying to tell all of us that there are much bigger issues going on around the world and we should all pay attention to them. In conclusion, I hope this has taught you all to love what you have because people are sacrificing themselves for someone they love everyday.