Hep Alien

I think that Lane is better with Zach. I mean Dave was nice at first and they had a nice relationship but I think Lane and Zach were perfect for each other!!! They truly loved each other. They were also great friends in the beginning. Zach was supportive of Lane and Dave’s relationship. But I think that at the beginning they were great in their band! Their band was great and had great music! I’m glad that Lane found the courage to stand up to her mom and tell her that this was her life and she wanted to be a musician. That was my favourite Lane Moment! And I really loved how her mom was very supportive of her and helped her through a lot. And also let her move in when the band broke up. Their band is named Hep Alien and the members are Lane, Brian, Gil, and Zach. Dave used to be part of the band but then he went to college. But he actually left the show for another show called The O.C. Gilmore Girls has every kind of drama and hilarious quips!! It is literally the best show out there!! Well, that was out there!!
Zach Hep Alien
The old Hep Alien ^
New Hep Alien
The new Hep Alien ^


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