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New Year Resolutions

These are my resolutions for the year 2013!!!
1. To live a healthier life, I am going to read more and escape to the amazing world of books!!! It will help my brain develop and keep my sanity in check. It will also make me a healthier and happier person. I will also read different books from different genres.
2. To help my family, I am going to help out more around the house. I will clean my room more often and clean around the house more often. Also I will help out with my dog by feeding him and taking him for walks.
3. To do well in school, I will study more. And I will also follow my first resolution and read more to broaden my mind. I will work even harder to achieve good grades!
4. In InfoTech, I will just keep doing the best I can. I would like to learn more about searching for exactly what you’re looking for on the internet. I would also like to do another project that is a bit more challenging.
5. I want to be better to my friends and do more stuff with them. I will also pay more attention to their problems and their lives, rather than living in my own. I will also do more stuff that they want.
6. To protect the environment, I will not litter. Also I will try not to pollute the earth.
7. I will contribute more to the community and become a better citizen. I will try and get more involved in what’s happening around town. I also will try to be a better student and become more attentive.
Happy New Year