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New Year Resolutions

These are my resolutions for the year 2013!!!
1. To live a healthier life, I am going to read more and escape to the amazing world of books!!! It will help my brain develop and keep my sanity in check. It will also make me a healthier and happier person. I will also read different books from different genres.
2. To help my family, I am going to help out more around the house. I will clean my room more often and clean around the house more often. Also I will help out with my dog by feeding him and taking him for walks.
3. To do well in school, I will study more. And I will also follow my first resolution and read more to broaden my mind. I will work even harder to achieve good grades!
4. In InfoTech, I will just keep doing the best I can. I would like to learn more about searching for exactly what you’re looking for on the internet. I would also like to do another project that is a bit more challenging.
5. I want to be better to my friends and do more stuff with them. I will also pay more attention to their problems and their lives, rather than living in my own. I will also do more stuff that they want.
6. To protect the environment, I will not litter. Also I will try not to pollute the earth.
7. I will contribute more to the community and become a better citizen. I will try and get more involved in what’s happening around town. I also will try to be a better student and become more attentive.
Happy New Year

Gilmore Girls Finale

I think that the Gilmore Girls finale was great!!!! There was no Logan in the picture and Lorelai was still single. They ended just as they had begun. Rory’s going away party was really fun, though it would’ve been better if Jess showed up. Anyway, I loved the part with Lorelai and Luke! And I am so happy that Luke planned the going away party! And the last scene was great. It was the exact same scene as the first episode of Gilmore Girls!!! I believe that this was one of the greatest Gilmore Girls episodes ever. It didn’t have any bad things happen or any drama. It was just a plain old episode. And it was perfect. The directors were brilliant!!! Gilmore Girls will always be my favourite show!!
Bon Voyage

Hep Alien

I think that Lane is better with Zach. I mean Dave was nice at first and they had a nice relationship but I think Lane and Zach were perfect for each other!!! They truly loved each other. They were also great friends in the beginning. Zach was supportive of Lane and Dave’s relationship. But I think that at the beginning they were great in their band! Their band was great and had great music! I’m glad that Lane found the courage to stand up to her mom and tell her that this was her life and she wanted to be a musician. That was my favourite Lane Moment! And I really loved how her mom was very supportive of her and helped her through a lot. And also let her move in when the band broke up. Their band is named Hep Alien and the members are Lane, Brian, Gil, and Zach. Dave used to be part of the band but then he went to college. But he actually left the show for another show called The O.C. Gilmore Girls has every kind of drama and hilarious quips!! It is literally the best show out there!! Well, that was out there!!
Zach Hep Alien
The old Hep Alien ^
New Hep Alien
The new Hep Alien ^

They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?

‘They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?’ is the seventh episode in the third season of Gilmore Girls.
Marathon1 Marathon2
Marathon3 Marathon4
Marathon5 Marathon6
In this episode, Rory and Lorelai compete in a dance marathon. During the dance marathon, Jess comes with Shane to watch and he watches Rory. Jess was a huge jerk in this episode except for at the end. Dean takes over for Lorelai and Rory starts talking about Jess and Shane. This proves to be too much for Dean and he breaks up with Rory in front of everyone that is there. Rory stalks off the floor and goes to sit on a bridge. Jess comes up to her and they admit their feelings for each other. He says he has to go take care of something (which is probably going to be him breaking up with Shane). Meanwhile other relationships are beginning in Gilmore Girls. Jamie comes to visit Paris and they seem to hit it off. And Lane and Dave just admitted their feelings for each other.
Dave and Lane Jamie and Paris